Approval Module

This is the module accessible only for staff that has been added into KULLIYAH group. The assignation process is done by the ADMIN

Visit MyRepo

  1. Go to link:
  2. User will be able to Login using CAS: Username & password are like HURIS.

Click the image to be directed to MyRepo.

Application Approval

KULLIYAH/RMC/ODRRRI will be notify via email. For KULLIYAH, only application with the same Kulliyah will be notified

  1. Click on My Repository.
  2. Click on MyRA.
  3. Click Application Approval to proceed.
  4. Click View to see the details of the application
  5. Click Search to search for specific application. Accepted search term are staff name, staff number, application id and category
  6. After clicking View, Click Approve button to publish the application
  7. Click Reject button to reject the application. Application is sent back to user.  Comment field must be filled.
  8. Click View to see the evidence.
  9. Click Cancel or Back to Application to cancel the task