Computer Reimbursement Allowance

Computer Reimbursement Allowance

Defer Purchase of Computer under Computer Reimbursement Allowance

What will happen if the eligible staff did not purchase the equipment within the same year of entitlement? For example, the staff is entitled to purchase the equipment in the year 2015 based on the list of approved replacement models but decides to defer the procurement and claim for computer allowance reimbursement in year 2016?

The provision for computer allowance reimbursement to IIUM eligible staff is financed via the operating budget of the University. The nature of the operating budget is that if it is not utilized within the same financial year, the budget will be automatically written off.  As such, if the staff did not claim for the computer allowance reimbursement within the year of entitlement, the allocated budget will be automatically forfeited.  

Computer Reimbursement Allowance

Purchase of Computer before Year of Entitlement

Can a staff purchase the equipment prior to the year of entitlement? Let say the staff is eligible to claim for computer allowance reimbursement in year 2016 but he/she has purchased the equipment in year 2015?  

Yes, a staff is allowed to purchase the equipment in advance (i.e. July 2015) and claim for reimbursement in the year of entitlement (i.e. 2016) provided the purchase of equipment was made within six (6) months from the year of entitlement (i.e. starting from 1st July 2015). Nevertheless, the calculation for the next cycle of entitlement is based on the year of reimbursement instead of year of purchase. Consequently, the staff is losing in term of warranty period of the equipment.

Computer Reimbursement Allowance

Ownership of Computer under Computer Reimbursement Allowance

Is it true that the staff will immediately own the equipment upon reimbursement of the computer allowance?  

Principally, the provision of computer allowance is a ‘privilege’ given by the University to the eligible staff via reimbursement as an appreciation for their loyalty and contribution to the University. Being guided by such spirit, the ownership of the equipment belongs to the staff, however, the University may repossess the computer and printer entitlement should the staff leave, dismiss or terminated from the University before serving a minimum of 12 months of service.   

Computer Reimbursement Allowance

Purchase Computer Using Someone Else Credit Card

Can a staff make a payment for the purchased computer / equipment by using someone else’s credit card? For instance, the staff purchased the equipment by using his/her spouse’s credit card?

The underlying principle of the provision of computer allowance is for IIUM eligible staff. In the event the staff is using someone else’s credit card, he/she needs to produce evidence that the equipment is purchased under his/her name i.e. the name of the staff is stated on the sales receipt or paid invoice.  The same principle is used in the vehicle financing provided by the University to the eligible staff. For example, in the case of motorcycle financing where the staff is required not only to produce evidence of payment either via cash or credit card but also valid staff driving license to ensure the financing serves the designated purpose.