1.1. Definition of Non-credit Co-Curricular Activities

The non-credit co-curricular activity is referred to as any extra-curricular activity participated or organised by students through student organisation or those organised by departments for students. These organisations provide a platform for the development of interpersonal, organisational and leadership skills for the members.

The non-credit co-curricular activities are different from the credit co-curricular activities in the following ways:

  1. The non-credit co-curricular activities are voluntary activities participated by any student throughout their studies as undergraduates while credited co-curricular activities are structured compulsory programmes to be taken by all students as part of the academic study plan.
  2. The non-credit co-curricular activities have no academic credit but the credited co-curricular activities are given between 0.5 to 1.0 credit per semester.
  3. The non-credit co-curricular activities are additional activities for those who wish to improve and practice the skills that they have learned in the leadership modules of the credited co-curricular activities.

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