Mahallah Online Application (MOA)

This manual serves as a guide for students to submit their application for the Mahallah Online Application through the i-Ma'luum Student Portal.

1. Click the application link. You may click:

a). The MOA link on the left menu, or



2. The application will check all the requirements below.

a). Student Status. The application is only for active-status students.


b). Registered Subject for session 2022/2023, 1.


c). Auto-confirmed with Mahallah.


If the student in the three requirements above, they will get the message and the form application will not open.


Else, students will view the form below.

A modal will pop up;

a). If there is no data on vaccines for the student to update their vaccination profile.

**Students are encouraged to update their vaccination profile by clicking the Update Vaccine button. 


b). If there is no data on RHB MySiswa Debit Card-i for the student to apply for the Kad Siswa.

**Students are encouraged to apply KAD PRIHATIN SISWA (RHB MySiswa Debit Card-i) by clicking the Apply RHB MySiswa button. 


c). If has both notifications of RHB MySiswa Debit Card-i and Vaccination Profile.


4. After reading the terms and conditions, choose the preferred Mahallah by clicking the drop-down list. (Only senior student)


5. Click the Apply button to submit your application.


6. The message will appear depending on the status provided by the Mahallah.

The message after the student applied for the MOA


The message once the mahallah is assigned.



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