Cloud storage allocation for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

We are delighted to share the latest developments on cloud storage allocation for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. 


Based on Mesyuarat MAPITA No. 1/2024 dated 5th March 2024, Jabatan Digital Negara (JDN) (formerly known as MAMPU) has subscribed to Google Services under the Government Hybrid Cloud Initiative. This subscription is valid from 1st March 2024 to 28th February 2028 (4 years). Effective 1st April 2024, staff members will have a storage allocation of 60GB, while students will receive 10GB under Google Workspace.


Furthermore, the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) has renewed the subscription to Microsoft 365, valid from 1st August 2024 to 31st July 2027 (3 years). However, the storage allocation remains unchanged, with staff members allocated 15GB and students 5GB, effective 1st April 2024 for Microsoft 365.


ITD acknowledges the need for additional storage capacity within the KCDIOM community. To address this, an email will be sent to KCDIOM administrators and IT coordinators, furnishing details about additional storage capacity for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace by 25th March 2024.

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