Customer Service vs. Customer Support

The difference between customer service and customer support is that customer support teams support a product, while customer service teams provide service to a customer.
While both focus on helping customers, customer support is a specific type of customer service that involves documentation, product feedback, and technical problem solving.


Customer Support

The short answer is that customer support is important because support agents are key for helping resolve customer queries quickly and effectively and driving customer satisfaction. This ultimately impacts customer retention, customer lifetime value, and brand reputation.


Customer Service

Customer service refers to the assistance an organization offers to its customers before or after they buy or use products or services. Customer service includes actions such as offering product suggestions, troubleshooting issues, and complaints or responding to general questions.

5 strategies for delivering great customer support/service.

  • Make support agents strategic students and staff.
  • Ensure soft skills are just as important as “technical” ones.
  • Support your support team.
  • Be personable. 
  • Be fast. 
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