How to Keep Your Laptop Battery in Good Condition

Here’s the best advice for keeping your laptop battery running as long as it
can on its little pack full of chemicals. Don’t worry if you can’t swear an oath to
them: like 8 cups of water a day, or 10,000 steps, they’re guidelines, and your
life may have present exceptions. But following as many as you will yield.
good results over years of use.
  •  Keep It Between 40 and 80 Percent Charge
  •  If You Leave It Plugged In, Don’t Let It Run Hot
  •  Keep It Ventilated, Store It Somewhere Cool
  •  Don’t Let It Get to Zero
  •  Replace Your Battery When It Gets Below 80 Percent Health
Laptops are not good to keep on your lap. Because of their compact
size and lack of large cooling fans, laptops can get quite hot, to the
point of causing gradual skin burns, or “toasted skin syndrome.” If non-
toasted skin weren’t incentive enough, the heat your thighs create by
trapping heat and blocking vents is also killing the laptop battery.
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