Energy Saving Tips to Reduce Workplace Energy Costs

  • Establish energy-efficient practices: Depending on the utility company you are paying, they usually have off to high peak times during the day. Try your best to only use excess energy during the low or off-peak times. Encourage your employees to follow this same model and see how energy usage decreases with more initiative.


  • Replace existing bulbs with CFL’s: CFL and LED lights consume less power and offer much longer lifespans. Commercial lights qualified by the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) or Energy Star can ever reduce energy consumption by up to 75% and increase the lifespan of your fixtures by 2-3 times.


  • Use the hibernation feature of computers and laptops: Hibernate feature in laptops and desktops allows you to save your existing work as it is, and you can continue from the same point the next day. Schedule your workstation to switch to hibernate mode after working hours and during weekends.


  • Buy energy-efficient devices: Energy-efficient devices cost more upfront, but over years of use, they’re going to save you money. This holds true for any equipment that runs on electricity – spending a little more can result in significant savings over the years.


  • Use energy-saving features: Educate your employees regarding energy-saving features of air conditioners, printers and let them use those features to cut energy costs. Discard old gadgets if they don’t have it and buy energy-efficient peripherals.
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