How to forget SSID due to wireless maintenance

How to forget SSID due to wireless maintenance

Use the instructions below to forget an SSID (Wireless Network) on your device as part of troubleshooting or as needed. 


  • Go to settings > Wi-Fi
  • Touch the blue “i” next to the Wi-Fi symbol of the SSID that you want to forget.
  • When the next page comes up, touch “Forget This Network”.
  • When the prompt comes up, touch “Forget”.


Apple OS X

  • Open "System Preferences" and open "Network".
  • Select the Wi-Fi adapter - Not any other networking adapters, just the Wi-Fi.
  • Click the "Advanced..." button.
  • Make sure you disconnect from the SSID using the Wi-Fi icon at the top of your computer.
  • In the "Preferred Networks" pane, look for the SSID.
  • Select the SSID and click the "minus" button to delete it.
  • Click “OK”, and at the next window, click “Apply”.


Android device

  • Touch “Settings” followed by “Connections”.
  • Touch Wi-Fi.
  • Touch the SSID under “CURRENT NETWORK”.
  • Touch “FORGET”.


Windows Machine

  • Click on the Start menu, type “Settings”, and Press enter.
  • Click on “Network & Internet”.
  • On the left-hand side, click on “Wi-Fi”.
  • Click on “Show available networks”.
  • In the window that pops up in the lower right-hand corner, right-click on the SSID that you want to forget.
  • Click on “Forget”.

Remember that when your password expires, is changed, or you forget the SSID, you will have to enter your credentials again to login.

When asked to trust certificate please make sure the domain is:

  2. ⁠

For any inquiries, please contact the ITD Service Desk at extension 6666.

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