2.5 Membership

2.5.1. All IIUM undergraduates automatically become ordinary members of the Students’ Representative Council, respective Mahallah Representative Committee, and Kulliyyah-based Society.

2.5.2. Application for membership for other student organisation can be done through the respective student organisation. Promotional activities of these student organisation are normally done during Ta’aruf Programme and at the beginning of a regular semester. All student organisation are encouraged to carry out their own promotional activities to attract new members from time to time.

2.5.3. Student can get information and advice from the respective office in charge of student organisation. A student can apply to be a member of any student organisation by filling in forms available at the respective office in charge of student organisation or by downloading them from respective IIUM website. Some student organisation conduct interviews for the applicants. The interviews are conducted by the senior members of the student organisation.

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