5.15 Additional Guidelines or Regulations

Please take note that certain programmes may have additional guidelines or regulations according to the nature of the programme such as:

  1. Community services, entrepreneurship and cultural activities All community services, entrepreneurship and cultural activities should be referred to the respective authorities for consultation, monitoring and record purposes.
  2. Sports, recreational and high risk activities Any sports and recreational activities should be referred to the Sports Development Centre (SDC) and guidelines from the relevant ministry.
  3. Publications All publications such as newsletters should be checked and recommended by the advisor of the student organisation before submission for approval from the relevant authority. Students are advised to have their publications proofread by CELPAD. The cost shall be borne by the student organisation.
  4. Film Shows Students are NOT allowed to organise/screen/downloading film shows without the approval from the respective film distributors. Infringement of copyright is punishable by law.

 Screening of movies on VCDs or DVDs other than home viewing is considered public viewing. This is against the Copyright Act 1987.

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