7.1 Approval of Sponsorship from the Rector’s Office

  1. The Ministry of Higher Education has outlined the procedure for collecting money. Some of the important aspects and type of programmes are as follows:
    1. Baktisiswa/ Community Service;
    2. Seminar/ Workshop/ Motivation Course;
    3. Expo/ Carnival/ Exhibition;
    4. Overseas Trip/ Educational Trip;
    5. Newsletter (to be published outside the campus); and
    6. Charity Dinner.
  2. The application should be forwarded to the OIC 3 months before the date of the programme.
  3. The application should go through the approving authority which will then process it for the approval of the Rector.
  4. The collection of sponsorship/donations must be carried out under the supervision of the approving authorities.
  5. The name of the Y.B. Minister of Education, the Office of the Minister of Education or the name of the officer who approved the program CANNOT be included in the donation drive that has been hereby approved, either directly or indirectly.
  6. Students are not allowed to seek for donations or sponsorships from any Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Parliamentary Secretary and Members of Parliament.
  7. The sponsorship committee shall be students of the University only. The University’s approval must be sought for involvement of participants from outside the University.
  8. Sponsorship drives can only be done during the specific dates as mentioned in the approval letter.
  9. Students are not allowed to seek for sponsorship before receiving a letter of approval from the approving authority.
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