3.10. Advisor for Student Organisation

Each student organisation should have an advisor to advise, monitor and supervise the student bodies activities. All advisors are appointed by the Deputy Rector (SA). The following guidelines apply in the appointment of advisors:

  1. The Deputy Deans (Student Affairs) are the advisors for the respective Kulliyyah/Department Based Societies, or any other personnel as appointed by the Dean of the kulliyyah.
  2. The Mahallah Principals are the advisors for the respective mahallat.
  3. For central student organisation, the advisors can be appointed among IIUM academic or administrative officer.
  4. Advisors are required to monitor and advise based on the IIUM code of ethics and STADD guideline the students on the programme as well as the running of the student organisation.
  5. His/her signature and recommendation is needed before it is submitted to the relevant authority.
  6. Advisors should be kept up-to-date and constantly informed on the progress of the student organisation.
  7. Advisors should understand and adhere to all the Islamic rulings including aqidah, ibadah (solat)and akhlaq (i.e ikhtilat)
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