3.15. Planning for Activities & Almanac

  1. All student organisation should plan their activities and programmes annually. The planning of activities should be carried out after the AGM with the help of the advisor. The contents of the programme should consider the following elements:
    1. Nature of the student organisation;
    2. Functions of the student organisation;
    3. Objectives of the student organisation;
    4. Capability of the members;
    5. Availability of budget;
    6. Availability of Facilities; and
    7. Avoid impermissible/moratorium dates of the University.
  2. The activities must aim to develop the following soft skills among the members of the student organisation:
    1. Communication skills;
    2. Critical thinking and problem solving skills;
    3. Team building skills;
    4. Long-life learning;
    5. Entrepreneurship skills;
    6. Professional and moral ethics skills; and/or
    7. Leadership skills Professional and moral ethics.
  3. The activities should follow the constitution of student organisation as well as the University’s Academic Calendar.
  4. Almanac Calendar
    1. An almanac must consist of names of the programmes, proposed dates and estimated budget for one academic year.
    2. It is recommended for a table to be drawn so that it is easy for the relevant authorities to refer to and plan for the overall activities of the students. The almanac must be submitted to the relevant authorities before the second week of Semester 2. NO programme should be conducted before the almanac is submitted to the authorities.
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