5.11 Promotion of Programme

Students are allowed to use various means for promotion of programmes such as buntings and banners.

1. Banners/Buntings/Posters/Flyers

No banners/bunting/posters/notices can be displayed without approval from the office of the approving authority.

  • Attach the draft of contents as well as the approval letter.
  • Use English or Arabic only.
  • Put up posters / advertisements / flyers / banners at appropriate places (notice boards, banner poles and other places approved by the university authority).
  • Get the approval from the relevant Local Authority (e.g.: Majlis Perbandaran Selayang) for putting up banners/buntings outside the University.
  • Take down posters / advertisements / flyers / banners not later than five days after the permit’s expiry date.
  • Any posters /advertisements / flyers that fail to comply with the University rules & regulations will be taken down without prior notice.
  • Do not use any materials that might damage the notice boards, walls, poles, glass walls when you paste the posters /advertisements / flyers.

2. Media

Students may promote their programmes through various forms of media subject to the followings:

  • All media statements must be verified by OIC and approved by the Deputy Rector (SA).
  • Get advice from the respective office for any media statement

3. IIUM Website

Students may request to place an advertisement to promote their programme at the IIUM official website through the respective office.

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