5.13 Opening and Closing Ceremonies

The opening and closing ceremony of any programme are optional. Students may plan to have either an opening or closing ceremony. Provide a specific itinerary for the event.


Guideline for opening and closing ceremony

  1. Confirm the availability of the VIP at least three days before the event. Reconfirmation of attendance should be done a day before the event.
  2. Confirm the presence of other invited guests.
  3. The programme details or any information to be distributed is checked by the advisor (s) or the OIC.
  4. The programme details or itinerary should be distributed to all guests.
  5. Conduct a rehearsal to ensure the smooth running of the ceremony.
  6. All events must be conducted in English or Arabic. However, when there is a need to use Bahasa Melayu or other languages, student may request for approval from the relevant authority to do so.
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